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How to Plan a Miniature Golf Fundraising Event

The pros do it to in order to raise money for all kinds of causes. Why can’t you? Why not host a mini golf tournament as a way to raise money for your school club, youth sports team, church group, cheerleading squad, etc? It’s great fun and if done right, it can raise considerable funds for your cause. Below is a step by step guide on how to plan a mini golf fundraising tournament like a pro.

  •          Find a venue: First you’ll need to check with the mini golf courses around you to find out if one is willing to host your group. Once you find one that is convenient to the participants you may wish to ask them if they can temporarily close their facility to the public while the tournament is underway. The great thing about booking this kind of event is that many facilities may be willing to give you a discount or group rate since they know their facility will be booked for that time.
  •          Set the tournament rules: Take some time to set the rules for the tournaments so that there are no misunderstanding and so that everyone can have fun. Know beforehand whether you will allow individual players or if you will allow team play, if children will be allowed to participate, what kinds of which prizes you will award etc.
  •          Publicize it: Once you have chosen the venue and have set the tournament rules, you will need to make as many people aware of the event as possible. Get together flyers, post on social media and write a press release to let other know about your cause. Be sure to include in your package not only who, what, why, where your event will be held but exactly how the proceeds will be used.
  •          Consider concessions: Make sure that the facility you choose will be able to supply refreshments for everyone in attendance. Playing mini golf builds appetites and you do not want attendees to have a negative impression of your event or charity by neglecting to feed them.

Yes, a mini golf fundraiser is a fantastic way to raise money, engage with others and let others know about the charity you are promoting. Be sure to make your event even more fun with the proper driving range equipment and golf course accessories from Range Master. 

5 Secrets for Improving Your Mini-Golf Skills

Although mini-golf may look easy, it is a skill onto itself that is quite unlike regular golf. And by learning a few useful skills you can master it as you would regular golf or any other activity. By following these five tips, it will be possible for you to improve your miniature golf game and perhaps even start out on the road to becoming mini golf ace.

  •          Make use of basic golfing skills: As anyone knows who has done both and as we have already said, regular golf and mini golf are different games. However, there is some carry over. Thus, it is important that you hone your based golf skills before attempting to rule at miniature golf. For example, you should already know how to maintain the right stance, how to develop a firm grip on the putt, and how to utilize your shoulder muscles for your swing.
  •          Analyze each obstacle before devising a strategy: Miniature golf is largely about being able to overcome the myriad obstacles that are placed in your way. To do this, you must concentrate and maintain your focus as you visualize the ball’s desired trajectory. Pros recommend that you even walk the course several times to familiarize yourself with all the crazy obstructions such as windmills, giant clown heads, and even the occasional waterworks.
  •          Take it slow: Since the speed of different surfaces can vary in miniature golf, you should take a few test shots before you begin. Don’t rush as this will give you better overall control of your ball. You do not want to over compensate on a relatively small course.
  •          Pick the right mini-golf putter: Just as in regular golf and every other sport, the right equipment can make all the difference in the world. In particular, make sure that the putter you use is the correct size for you. We sell quality miniature golf course supplies for people who are seeking to improve their game or just have some fun.
  •          Avoid intense hitting: Since miniature golf is played in a much smaller area you need to be precise and somewhat restrained with your shots. Only hit the ball hard enough to direct it to where it needs to go no harder.

Now that you know how to be good at mini golf, why not try it out at a course near you? With these tips, some practice and our driving range equipment you will become an ace in no time. 

5 Traits All Exceptional Golfers Should Possess

For many of us golfers it isn’t just about playing the game; it’s also about being good at it. And for those few of us who are good, we also aspire to be considered great at the sport. But aside from technical proficiency what are some of the traits that make a golfer great? Here is a list of traits that we’ve found separates the exceptional avid golfer from the pack.

  •          The disciple to practice: There is no way around it - practice makes perfect. There is simply no substitute for working on every aspect of your game. However, practicing alone is not always enough. Golfers who go on to be truly exceptional learn from people who are much better than them at the game. So, put your ego aside and seek out professional coaching if you truly want to fly with the eagles.
  •          Patience: There are no short cuts to becoming great at any skill. A great golfer must be patient as he/he develops his/her stills but a great golfer must also be patient when out on the course. Sometimes the breaks come slowly if at all.
  •          Emotional control: Mental approach is everything when it comes to golf. It is just as important as dexterity, endurance or any other trait. A golfer must excel in controlling himself when he/she hits bad shots, is caught in a sand trap, faces some sort of distraction, etc. In other words, staying focused pays off greatly in this game that is 90% psychological.
  •          Natural talent: We are sorry to say it but true greats also have natural talent for the game. They are why some people who have practiced just as much simply aren’t as good as the pros and probably never will be. This reality may seem unfair to people who devote time and money to the game but it is quite simply reality.
  •          A creative mind’s eye: Think about some of the most memorable shots you’ve ever seen the pros make. These shots were probably ones most of us didn’t think were possible. Thus, great golfers must be able to see opportunities at making a shot where others do not. This takes creativity and the ability to think on one’s feet.

So, how many of these traits for great golf do you have? Perhaps you will become the next PGA champion. However, ultimately what matters is that you have fun at this wonderful sport. And although our driving range equipment and golf course accessories won’t guarantee that you will be on par with the professionals, we do guarantee that you will have fun.

5 Driving-range Rules you Should Always Follow

Practicing at a driving range is an excellent way to improve your game. It is also a lot of fun. However, one thing that can take away from the enjoyment of this activity is when people forget that there are others around who are trying to improve/enjoy themselves. To this end, everyone should always follow the rules and be courteous of the facility and others who will be using the range. Here are a few rules of thumb for the driving range that you should know and follow so that everyone can have fun.

  •          Respect the facility: Every driving range has a different set of rules set out for the people who will be using the facility. For example, some facilities will allow you to hit from the mat, while others will restrict this and allow you to only hit the ball off the grass. Learn and follow these rules in order to ensure that everyone has good time.
  •          Do not offer tips or advice to other golfers: There are few things more annoying than unsolicited advice when you are trying to improve your game. Therefore, even if you see someone using improper form, don’t say anything. Keep your eyes and mind on your own game. If someone asks you for advice and you can help them then that is another thing entirely. Above all else, always be courteous and respectful.
  •          Use caution when swinging your club: Be aware of your surroundings at all time. Try to maintain at least a two driver club-lengths distance away from other golfers. Moreover, look before you swing to make sure that no one is behind you or about to walk around you. Finally, never retrieve balls on the range while others are striking their balls. You may be hit by a ball and sustain a serious injury.
  •          Stay off the cell phone: Spare people your pointless conversation and stay off the cell phone while you are at the driving range. It is rude, distracting and can cause arguments. Besides, many people come to driving ranges to escape such distractions and you aren’t doing anyone a favor by talking on your mobile device.
  •          Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you: Some people abscond with golf balls while they are on the range. This is wrong. There is a cost to the owner of replacing pilfered driving range equipment and golf course accessories as this cost impacts everyone who uses the facility.

In short, it’s all about remembering why you and others are at the driving range in the first place. You and they there are to have a good time and to hopefully improve your game. You can do so by being courteous and respectful of others and the facility.