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5 Super Easy (and Practical) Tips for Improving Your Golf Game

As much as we love it, we do confess that golf can be a truly frustrating game at times. This is particularly the case when you discover that you don’t seem to be making any progress with your game. In most cases poor instruction, not enough practice or some other cause may be the culprit. Regardless of why you are stuck in a sand trap, we would like to offer you some help in digging your way out. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself displaying new skill on the links in no time!

  •          Analyze your game: It may be the case that only part of your game is off and that you do not necessarily need improvement in all aspects. Look to your statistics and observe players who are better than you to see where you may be lacking and then seek additional instruction/aid to improve the specific deficits in your game.
  •          Hit the ball straighter, not further: Many amateurs make the mistake of trying to match the world’s leading players by focusing on how far they can hit the golf ball. Rather, you should concentrate on accuracy rather than power to begin with. Your high scores will eventually improve if you hit the ball with greater precision.
  •          Don’t neglect your grip: Place your fingers around the club with your thumbs staying on the top. Then, hold the club mostly in your fingers (as opposed to your palm) as you grip it. Next, take apart your stance. You should keep your head still and turn your shoulder and hips away from the target before swinging. 
  •          Irons: Instead of using3-, 4- or 5-irons, consider user hybrid irons. They are much easier to hit with.
  •          Practice your put: Many amateurs ignore this part of their game and that is really unfortunate. You can take strokes off your scores if you spend more time becoming an effective putter. You can best accomplish this by working on your speed control and by learning to square the putter face as you hit the ball.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the list of golf tips and that we have caused you to thinking differently about your golf game. Please feel free to check out the driving range equipment and golf course accessories on our site. We have everything the experienced or novice golfer could ever need.