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5 Traits All Exceptional Golfers Should Possess

For many of us golfers it isn’t just about playing the game; it’s also about being good at it. And for those few of us who are good, we also aspire to be considered great at the sport. But aside from technical proficiency what are some of the traits that make a golfer great? Here is a list of traits that we’ve found separates the exceptional avid golfer from the pack.

  •          The disciple to practice: There is no way around it - practice makes perfect. There is simply no substitute for working on every aspect of your game. However, practicing alone is not always enough. Golfers who go on to be truly exceptional learn from people who are much better than them at the game. So, put your ego aside and seek out professional coaching if you truly want to fly with the eagles.
  •          Patience: There are no short cuts to becoming great at any skill. A great golfer must be patient as he/he develops his/her stills but a great golfer must also be patient when out on the course. Sometimes the breaks come slowly if at all.
  •          Emotional control: Mental approach is everything when it comes to golf. It is just as important as dexterity, endurance or any other trait. A golfer must excel in controlling himself when he/she hits bad shots, is caught in a sand trap, faces some sort of distraction, etc. In other words, staying focused pays off greatly in this game that is 90% psychological.
  •          Natural talent: We are sorry to say it but true greats also have natural talent for the game. They are why some people who have practiced just as much simply aren’t as good as the pros and probably never will be. This reality may seem unfair to people who devote time and money to the game but it is quite simply reality.
  •          A creative mind’s eye: Think about some of the most memorable shots you’ve ever seen the pros make. These shots were probably ones most of us didn’t think were possible. Thus, great golfers must be able to see opportunities at making a shot where others do not. This takes creativity and the ability to think on one’s feet.

So, how many of these traits for great golf do you have? Perhaps you will become the next PGA champion. However, ultimately what matters is that you have fun at this wonderful sport. And although our driving range equipment and golf course accessories won’t guarantee that you will be on par with the professionals, we do guarantee that you will have fun.