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5 Secrets for Improving Your Mini-Golf Skills

Although mini-golf may look easy, it is a skill onto itself that is quite unlike regular golf. And by learning a few useful skills you can master it as you would regular golf or any other activity. By following these five tips, it will be possible for you to improve your miniature golf game and perhaps even start out on the road to becoming mini golf ace.

  •          Make use of basic golfing skills: As anyone knows who has done both and as we have already said, regular golf and mini golf are different games. However, there is some carry over. Thus, it is important that you hone your based golf skills before attempting to rule at miniature golf. For example, you should already know how to maintain the right stance, how to develop a firm grip on the putt, and how to utilize your shoulder muscles for your swing.
  •          Analyze each obstacle before devising a strategy: Miniature golf is largely about being able to overcome the myriad obstacles that are placed in your way. To do this, you must concentrate and maintain your focus as you visualize the ball’s desired trajectory. Pros recommend that you even walk the course several times to familiarize yourself with all the crazy obstructions such as windmills, giant clown heads, and even the occasional waterworks.
  •          Take it slow: Since the speed of different surfaces can vary in miniature golf, you should take a few test shots before you begin. Don’t rush as this will give you better overall control of your ball. You do not want to over compensate on a relatively small course.
  •          Pick the right mini-golf putter: Just as in regular golf and every other sport, the right equipment can make all the difference in the world. In particular, make sure that the putter you use is the correct size for you. We sell quality miniature golf course supplies for people who are seeking to improve their game or just have some fun.
  •          Avoid intense hitting: Since miniature golf is played in a much smaller area you need to be precise and somewhat restrained with your shots. Only hit the ball hard enough to direct it to where it needs to go no harder.

Now that you know how to be good at mini golf, why not try it out at a course near you? With these tips, some practice and our driving range equipment you will become an ace in no time.