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How to Plan a Miniature Golf Fundraising Event

The pros do it to in order to raise money for all kinds of causes. Why can’t you? Why not host a mini golf tournament as a way to raise money for your school club, youth sports team, church group, cheerleading squad, etc? It’s great fun and if done right, it can raise considerable funds for your cause. Below is a step by step guide on how to plan a mini golf fundraising tournament like a pro.

  •          Find a venue: First you’ll need to check with the mini golf courses around you to find out if one is willing to host your group. Once you find one that is convenient to the participants you may wish to ask them if they can temporarily close their facility to the public while the tournament is underway. The great thing about booking this kind of event is that many facilities may be willing to give you a discount or group rate since they know their facility will be booked for that time.
  •          Set the tournament rules: Take some time to set the rules for the tournaments so that there are no misunderstanding and so that everyone can have fun. Know beforehand whether you will allow individual players or if you will allow team play, if children will be allowed to participate, what kinds of which prizes you will award etc.
  •          Publicize it: Once you have chosen the venue and have set the tournament rules, you will need to make as many people aware of the event as possible. Get together flyers, post on social media and write a press release to let other know about your cause. Be sure to include in your package not only who, what, why, where your event will be held but exactly how the proceeds will be used.
  •          Consider concessions: Make sure that the facility you choose will be able to supply refreshments for everyone in attendance. Playing mini golf builds appetites and you do not want attendees to have a negative impression of your event or charity by neglecting to feed them.

Yes, a mini golf fundraiser is a fantastic way to raise money, engage with others and let others know about the charity you are promoting. Be sure to make your event even more fun with the proper driving range equipment and golf course accessories from Range Master.