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Improving Your Golf Game

Golf is a very intricate game that takes a great deal of patience and practice.
Having the proper golf driving range equipment can also help make all the
difference. There are many tips and tricks that you can use to help improve your
game but nothing replaces good old fashioned hard work. Make sure you go into a
golf routine with an open mind knowing that it is a marathon and not a race. It is the
simple, every day improvements that will make long-term differences. Below are a
few tips to improving your technique that you will want to take into consideration.
 Slow Down: A common mistake many golfers make is moving too quickly
when in fact you can increase your swing speed by taking your time. Make
sure you get set-up before you even swing. Consider observing your
surroundings, the wind speed and direction, use sunglasses when necessary,
and don’t forget to focus.
 Grip: Don’t tense up so much that you are using an incorrect grip and
pressure as this can strongly influence your swing. Too firm of a grip means
that the flow of the club will be too rigid and can cause slicing. Too loose of a
grip and you could lose your club entirely – yikes!
 Eye On The Ball: Don’t forget to keep your eye on the ball the entire time!
Many golfers get distracted by looking at the target and forget to keep their
eye on the ball through the entire swing.
 Consistency: Remember that practice makes perfect and helps to improve
muscle memory. A lot of your swing falls back on muscle memory so the
more you practice the perfect swing the more naturally it will come.
Practice regularly using the proper golf driving range equipment and you are
sure to improve your golf game in no time!