Blog posts of '2022' 'October'

Types of Equipment

If you are visiting a driving range in the near future, it is helpful if you familiarize yourself
with the various driving range equipment available. There are several devices available that can
help you practice and improve your golf game every time you visit the driving range. As we start
to enter the upcoming winter months you will be delighted to know that you do not need to
stop to your practicing. You can continue to golf outdoors during winter despite frigid
temperatures. However, you will want to prepare yourself for a more difficult time. If you are
curious what driving range equipment can be made available to you, please see below.
Range ball management systems: These systems are quite sophisticated. A range ball
management system can pick, wash, and dispense all in one! You truly get the best
bang for your buck with this type of a system. You can even customize your system to
make sure it is offering exactly what you need. If you manage a driving range, you may
want to note that labor expenses can be reduced through the use of a range ball
management system.
 Golf ball dispenser: You can program various features of modern golf ball dispensers
including ball count and even bucket size.
 Dispenser payment systems: These payment systems are extremely convenient both
for the consumers and business owners alike. Payment can be taken in many forms
including: tokens, cash, credit cards, membership cards, pin numbers, you name it!
 Golf ball pickers: Both standard and heavy duty are available.
 Golf cart adapters & cart protector: All of your golf cart needs will be met so that you
can easily transport your belongings and yourself across the driving range.