Blog posts of '2022' 'November'

Get Outside

The temperatures have officially started to shift. Before it gets too cold for the
youngsters, gather your miniature golf supplies and get outside and ready to play. There are so
many benefits to playing miniature golf together as a family. Kids as young as three years old
can surprise you and reap the benefits of playing miniature golf together. See below for some
of the main reasons to consider purchasing some miniature golf supplies and getting together
as a family.
 Social Skills: Playing miniature golf builds significant social skills among young children
and children of all ages. Golf requires children to learn how to follow a specific set of
rules and how to take turns. Kids will also learn the value of good sportsmanship and
healthy competition.
 Physical Activity: Golf can actually provide a great deal of physical activity. There are
often many different sets of stairs and/or hills on a mini golf course or even a good
distance from the first hole to the last. Over the course of the day this can offer a great
deal of physical activity that doesn’t really feel like physical activity.
 Family Bond: There are few activities that can be enjoyed by every member of the
family from young to old. However, with miniature golf this is not a problem. You will be
pleasantly surprised how enjoyable miniature golf can be for everyone to participate.
If you have yet to try a miniature golf outing for your family, we highly encourage you to do
so. You will not be disappointed.