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Golfing Safety

Whether your live nearby or simply own a local golf club it is important to ensure the
safety of those in attendance and those nearby. Golf ball barrier netting is extremely important
when it comes to helping guarantee the safety of everyone involved. The average golf ball
travels at 135 mph. Golf ball barrier netting is the only device capable of stopping these balls
from doing significant damage. Proper barrier nets are treated with UV protection in order to
offer optimal longevity. This is worth the extra step as you don’t want to be changing out
netting regularly.
The major concerns when it comes to golf safety revolve around personal injury. Local
families shouldn’t have to worry about their children playing outback or pets wandering around
in fear that they may be harmed by flying golf balls. Golf ball barrier netting eliminates all of
these concerns. Broken windows are also a major safety concern that can be easily eliminated
with barrier netting. Car damage whether in a residential location or commercial setting is
another significant liability when it comes to golf ball damage. Every facility is unique in its
location and set-up. A custom fence is always required.
Custom fencing helps to ensure everyone’s safety. There is no way to have a simple
standard fence as landscaping and local weather conditions all need to be taken into
consideration. The stress and liability of owning a golf club facility can be virtually eliminated
through the use of proper netting. If you have any specific questions about golf netting, we are
always here to help.