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Living on a Golf Course

Living on a golf course or any kind of a putting green has its pros and cons. Without a proper
golf ball barrier netting some serious damage can occur. However, assuming the correct golf
ball barrier netting has been put into place, living on a golf course can be quite wonderful.
Many people pay a hefty premium to live in such a location. Below are a few pros and cons of
living on a golf course.
 Location: If you are an avid golfer, it doesn’t get much better than walking down to the
putting green anytime you like. Most local residents are voluntarily members of the
local golf course or are required to by HOA.
 Privacy: Backing to a golf course provides a great deal of privacy as people are only
seldom walking/driving by and it is a private area. This also helps to reduce any noise
pollution quite a bit. A negative regarding privacy is that periodically you will share your
privacy with a passing golf cart or golfer momentarily.
 Views: Golf courses have pristine views. Living on a golf course allows you to take
advantage of these views on a daily basis. A con to the view is that you will be sharing it
with those on the golf course as well.
 Landscaping: Golf course locations are known for their immaculate maintenance. This is
absolutely wonderful in terms of maintaining the views, etc. but it does mean that you
will have to deal with regular gardening and maintenance noise.
 Amenities: There are likely many wonderful amenities that come with being a member
and/or living on the golf course. These amenities likely include a club house, events,
pool, etc. but they will probably come with the hefty membership fee.