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Father’s Day Plans

This Father’s Day a fun outing for the whole family is a day of miniature golf. Kids of all
ages are able to participate and it’s a fun way to involve all generations from great grandkids to
great grandfathers. This is also a perfect opportunity to pass down generations of golf wisdom.
You will need very few miniature golf supplies in order to have a successful outing other than a
putter, and some colorful balls. Wear some comfortable shoes so that you can stand for the
duration of the afternoon. See below for a few tips and tricks to consider for your day of
miniature golf.
 Putter: When it comes to miniature golf supplies a proper putter is the most important
accessory. If you are particular about being successful at your miniature golf endeavor it
is safest if you bring your own putter. An ideal putter height is around the level of your
belt. While rentals are typically available, they may not be the most ideal height for
every member of your family.
 Lay of the land: It can be helpful to walk from the tee to the cup before taking your first
swing. This will allow you to see if there are any hidden traps, check for slopes or
additional hazards that could trip you up.
 Finesse not power: Unlike traditional golf the cup is likely not very far from the tee. You
will want to finesse the ball in by outsmarting any traps. Power is not your friend here
and you will more than likely overshoot.
 Bend the rules: Remember that miniature golf is just for fun and that you can bend the
rules for your party as necessary. If you have several young kids with you, it may be
necessary to make up your own rules as you go along so that everyone can participate.