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The Best Equipment

Using the best driving range equipment can make or break your golf game. It is also one
of the main reasons that individuals will frequent your driving range. By making sure you have
the latest and greatest equipment available you are putting yourself ahead of the competition.
See below for some specific driving range equipment that you may not have considered making
readily available just yet. You are sure to want to consider these pieces moving forward.
 Golf ball washer: Simply put, golf balls play better when they are clean. Industrial size
washers are available and are sure to be jam free to allow you the capability to wash
dozens of balls at a single time. There are also individual ball washers available. Par
aides can be available throughout the driving range and are always low-maintenance.
These devices allow individuals the capability to wash a single ball at a time before
teeing off.
 Spike brush: These thick bristles allow for the proper cleaning of shoes on any surface.
Portable options are available in a variety of colors as well.
 Club washer: Whether you prefer the look of a round washer or a square washer you
want to make sure you offer the ability to keep everyone’s clubs clean. Available in a
variety of colors to meet everyone’s liking it is important to offer the capability to wash
clubs off before and after use.
If you have any questions about any type of driving range equipment we are always here to
help. We want to make sure that your facility is always stocked with the latest and greatest to
keep patrons coming back!