Golf Bag Checklist

If you are an avid golfer, you likely have your golf course accessories down to a science.
However, if you are just starting out you may be wondering what do you even put in your golf
bag? There are several things golfers like to keep on hand while out on the golf course. Once
you have been a few times you will tailor your golf course accessories to your specific needs
but there are several items that are safe for starting out. See below for a list of items to
consider placing in your golf bag.
1. Golf ball and tees: This probably seems fairly intuitive. You can’t play golf without your
ball and tees. Make sure that you bring plenty of spare balls and tees in case you lose a
few throughout the day which is inevitable.
2. Ball markers: A ball marker is a small, flat object that is the size of a coin that is placed
behind the golf ball to mark its position before the ball is lifted off the ground when you
hit it. This will allow you to improve your swing over time.
3. Range finder: A range finder measures the distance from you to another object. Many
golfers use this device to help you gauge where to hit the ball.
4. Golf gloves: Golf gloves are extremely common accessories and help to create more
friction between your hand the grip of your club.
5. Sunscreen: Most golfers spend hours or even all day out golfing. You want to make sure
you bring protective wear such as sunglasses and a hat but don’t forget the sunscreen as

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