Miniature Golf for Kids

Miniature golf supplies are not just for adults! Kids can participate in this fun outdoor
activity alongside adults for a fun sport that everyone can enjoy. This is a great activity that the
entire family can enjoy together. Not only is miniature golf a family fun activity there are
actually many benefits to children participating in this activity. See below for some of the
benefits of children playing mini golf.
 Physical activity: Believe it or not playing miniature golf can burn about as many
calories as a 60 minute brisk walk – and it is a lot more fun! You can expect to burn
around 300 calories while playing.
 Social activity: Participating in miniature golf allows kids to be exposed to positive
sportsmanship and shows them how to follow rules within a game. Both of these things
are extremely important when it comes to playing future sports.
 Educational benefits: There are many educational benefits to using miniature golf
supplies. These benefits include hand-eye coordination, balancing, improving math
skills, and problem-solving skills. Kids can also learn how to focus for longer periods of
time, and exposure to decision making abilities.
 Get outside: Anytime children can get outside in the sun and fresh air it is beneficial.
Consider making miniature golf an ongoing family activity so that everyone gets more
outdoor time.
 Anyone can play: One of the greatest benefits to miniature golf is that is helps to build
confidence in learning a new skill. Anyone has the ability to play miniature golf
regardless of age, size, or even ability and this can be very empowering for children to


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