Super Ball Picker

5 section, overall width 18 ft

1. Safe on Balls & Turf. Exclusive tire design features a concave molding which grabs each ball out of the turf and hangs onto them until the precision crafted metal fingers gently release the balls from injury, handling with care even the softest Balata balls. The turf is not harmed due to the single-caster wheel draw bar design which allows for greater control and maneuverability on the fairway.
2.Superior maneuverability = High Productivity. The tire picker's versatility enables you to control your terrain...whether it be rocky and hilly or smooth and flat, the Wittek Tire Picker is designed to handle it all.
3. Long-Lasting Strength. Stainless steel ball bearings housed inside a solid cast-iron pillow block combine with 1 1/4" rectangular tubing to create the Hercules of ball pickers. No other picker can handle the abuse and absorb the ground shock of the daily operation like the Wittek Tire Picker...a step ahead in unsurpassed.
Suitable for Country Club Practice Ranges. Can be pulled by gas or electric golf cart.

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