Golf Accessories For Your Course

There are an infinite amount of golf course accessories that you could possibly have at your course. Depending on the skill level of your players will determine what you should have on hand. However, it is nice to accommodate all skill levels by being prepared. Many more experienced golfers will bring all the gear that they need themselves. However, even the most experienced golfers forget things or have items break and will need something new on the spot. Below are a few of the most popular golf accessories that we carry.  

  • Baskets: If you are looking to practice short-range shots a basket is extremely helpful. We have a variety of styles and sizes to offer. 

  • Range Banners: Range banners are excellent distance markers. It is important that their bright colors stand out so that everyone can notice them. Over time these banners can get damaged by normal wear and tear as well as affected by natural weather impacts. If you find yourself needing to replace your range banners we have solutions available. 

  • Range Bags: Range bags can come in many different styles including: draw string, mesh, and stackable cordura. 

  • Rubber Tees: Rubber tees are becoming very popular and can be a good option for harder ground. You have to chase after them in the same fashion you would a wooden tee.

  • Tee Dividers: Tee dividers are a nice way to help separate hitting mats. These can come in a variety of different styles and colors. Tee dividers give your course a unique look that many players appreciate. 

If you have any specific golf course accessories in mind please feel free to reach out to us. We have many different solutions available and would be happy to chat with you about your needs. We look forward to serving your golf course for years to come!



Protecting Your Range

Depending on a variety of factors it is likely that your golf range will need golf ball barrier netting. This type of netting will protect you and nearby objects such as homes, cars, buildings, etc. This extra layer of protection is most helpful but can be costly to replace. You want to make sure that you purchase a high quality golf ball barrier netting from the start so that it will last you for years to come. Below are  a few specific reasons why you need to consider purchasing this type of netting. 

Location: Depending on the location of your facility you will want to take into consideration the proximity of your range to nearby houses and buildings. In order to help prevent property damage installing this barrier is essential.

Insurance: Your insurance may very well require you to get this type of netting in order to be covered. This will likely depend again on the location of your range and its proximity to housing. However, most golf ranges are located near homes.

Skill Level: You want to welcome all skill levels to golf at your location. What this means is that novice players may have inaccurate shots and cause more accidental damage than they would have expected. By putting in place this barrier netting you are helping ease everyone’s fears and welcome more players to your facility. 

If we can help advise you or answer any questions you may have regarding golf ball barrier netting we are always here to help. Please feel free to reach out to our support team at any time. We look forward to helping you create a safe and fun facility for players of all skill levels!



Backyard Fun

With summer in full swing it is the perfect time of year to enjoy your backyard. If your current space is not your dream backyard, now is the perfect time to start designing. More people than ever have started building out the backyards of their dreams due to the COVID19 pandemic. With more people than ever spending more and more time at home this has dramatically increased the desire to have the perfect home both inside and out. Adding a miniature golf course to your backyard is a great way to enjoy family fun for all ages. Spending time outdoors with family is the perfect way to bring people together during these difficult times. 

There are many layouts and designs or even custom designs that you can create with backyard miniature golf courses. Designers have the ability to completely transform your space based on your layout, desires, and of course budget. There are many fun displays that can also be created to help keep your course exciting and entertaining. Have a vision? Just ask your designer. Typically the sky is the limit with these unique backyard miniature golf courses.

If you need miniature golf supplies for your newly created space we have what you are looking for. We have fun and colorful balls and clubs that are perfect for all ages. We even offer special novelty balls that the kids are sure to love. Whatever miniature golf supplies you may need for your newly transformed space we’re happy to accommodate. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We’re excited for you to enjoy your new miniature golf course!

Learning About the Golf Net

Maintaining your stride when it comes to golf is all about practicing. Whether you go to the driving range on the weekends or regularly play with a few friends, there are many different ways to keep up your skill. One of these is through using a golf net. 


When it comes to golf nets, there are two main mesh styles, knotted and knotless. Knotted is ideal for the beginner golfer since it can be repaired if it breaks unlike the knotless format. When it comes to safety, these nets are measured in ‘ply’ which is the equivalent of the numbers of layers used to make up the net. Depending on your level of play and how often you think you will be using the net, durability is another factor. Nylon is the ideal material because it holds up better overtime in comparison to polyester. 


Once your net is set up, you will slowly start to realize how beneficial practicing with it is. Practicing this way is not about the distance or location of where the ball ends up. Rather it is about fine tuning your swing itself and therefore how the strike feels. Once you secure the feeling, you will better be able to practice on consistency. This will improve your whole game significantly and then allow you to practice achieving the same motion while on the course. Over time, you will be able to call upon each swing in its playable moment through the power of muscle memory. 


Wherever you are using the golf net at your local golf club or even have one set up in your backyard, a large benefit of it is having one accessible to you. Especially as we saw during quarantine when golf courses were shut down to accommodate local and national regulations, the opportunity to practice is huge. Spending a short amount of time each day on using your practice net will not only help to keep your golf game up, but also keep your stress levels down. 


At Rangemaster, we carry golf driving range equipment as well as golf barrier netting. You can also find two popular variations of a golf net on our website. 

5 Essential Items for Golfing in the Summer


With summer well on its way for many parts of the country, golfers are preparing to hit the course and enjoy some much needed sunshine. Although there are always some items that golfers should have on them, the hot weather means that we can add or change a few of them to accommodate the temperature change. Here are some of our top items to bring with you on the golf course in the summer. 


Moisture Wicking clothing- This material type is ideal for the golf course and is available in all different styles, colors, and even sleeve lengths. The right clothes can make a big difference in your comfort when you hit the course, especially if you are going when the sun is high. The cloth itself is what absorbs the sweat yet avoids making the material wet and sweaty. 


Hydrate- Yes this is important year round, but in the heat it is even more important. COVID19 restrictions have made it so more courses are allowing you to bring your own beverages and if you are using a golf cart, take advantage of the space. Water, Gatorade, or another sports drink can be put in a cooler with a few ice packs to keep you safe on the course. 


Sunscreen- Another year round essential but during the summer months, it is even more important to be reapplying sunscreen, especially on the arms, back of the neck, and face. If you don’t want to constantly be reapplying, consider using sun sleeves as another alternative. 


Cooling towel- A great solution to hot days, this towel can even be kept in your drink cooler and then brought out when you need it. For the best relief, apply it to the back of the neck while you walk to your next shot. 


Breathable socks- Sweaty socks can cause a lot of problems on your feet so make sure to protect them with the right pair of socks. Many golfers use wool socks and others even change socks while on the course. Whatever it takes to keep your feet dry is ideal. 

Spending time on the golf course is a great way to pass the time during summer. We sell driving range equipment as well as golf ball barrier netting to keep you safe while on the range and course.

Essential Golf Clubs for Beginners

When you think of golf, one of the first images that comes to mind is a golf bag overflowing with different clubs. While tournaments you are allowed to carry 14 clubs, beginners should in no way carry around that many clubs. In addition to the weight, having too many clubs to practice with can be overwhelming. Starting with a few essential clubs allows you to build your skills. Here are the clubs that we believe a beginner should carry with them, 


  • 3-Wood/Driver- Known originally as the the 3-wood due to the material it was made out of, the now known driver is the most commonly used club at the driving range and is used for finding the fairway. Essential for hitting off the tee, this is perhaps the first club you should add to your bag.  

  • A hybrid: One of the most versatile clubs is the hybrid. This club  can get you out of tricky situations and are easier to maneuver and use than a long iron.  While many golfers exclusively practice with the driver on the practice field it is also worth getting comfortable with this club. 

  • Irons: There are many different irons but in a beginners bag, you should not have very many. Working with the 5-iron, 7-iron and 9-iron will allow you to get used to the clubs while also being able to take into account their differences and how to use them. Once you are comfortable with these, consider adding another into the mix. 

  • A Wedge: Assuming you start with the irons listed above, the only wedge you might need is a sand wedge to get you out of sand traps and back on course. 

  • A Putter: This is the club that can make the biggest difference in your score. Understanding how to use your putter and practicing with it should not be something you skip over. 

Golf, like many things in life, is all about practice. Take the time to get experience using these clubs and enjoy being on the golf course. We carry a variety of driving range equipment as well as golf course accessories to make your course efficient and professional. 



4 Mini Golf Obstacles

Some mini golf courses are indoors, others are outdoors, and others many even start inside and then end outside. Regardless, there is one thing that all the best mini golf courses have in common; obstacles. The mini golf obstacle is unlike a regular golf course obstacle because they are designed to fit into the theme of the whole or even entire course. They are meant to not only challenge whoever steps up but can also completely change the direction of the game. We are going to look at several fun mini golf obstacles that you may see the next time you play. 


The Cylinder- They can be either small or large but either way, they require precision and accuracy to be able to pass. Often brightly colored, the cylinder is either a direct path to the hole or can sometimes lead you a different direction depending on the course. This is a classic and is often seen on some of the first few holes. 


The Pipe Hole- This type of obstacle is a game of chance for new players on the course. There are usually 2-3 holes that lead to the other side of the hole but each one leads to a different spot. Unless you know which hole goes where, you are playing a guessing game. One of the pipes could even lead to a hole in one if you have the right speed going in and out of the pipe. 


Loop de Loop- Just as much fun to say as it is to play, the loop de loop is challenging for both experienced and new players. It requires accuracy to get up the ramp but needs to have enough speed and force to clear it. Usually you can either take the risk of the loop or go around it. If you are just playing for fun, take the chance to do it but if you are playing competitively, you will probably be better just going around it. 


The jump- Exactly as it sounds, the jump shot means you have to have speed to go over not only the obstacle, but whatever lies underneath, often water. If you fail to make the shot, your ball may get wet or could get lost completely and require you to politely ask for a new one. 


We hope that with whatever obstacles you encounter on the course that you have fun playing them. For mini golf supplies, visit us online. We also carry driving range equipment and golf ball barrier netting.



A basic overview of Golf Flags


Among the most popular golf course accessories are the golf course flags. Placed on the top of the flagstick, the first recorded use of a golf flag was in 1987. However, it also widely accepted that there was likely flag usage prior to this date but because it was not regulated, it was not considered official. 


Flagsticks themselves have regulations that they must conform too to keep a standard across all courses and areas of play. They may not be more than ¾ of an inch in circumference and must be circular in cross section. It may not be covered in any material that may deflect the ball or be padded in a way that would not allow the ball to enter the cup, thus finishing the round for that player. While flagsticks are mainstream, flags are actually not required to be placed on top but many courses have adopted them to give golfers a better visual target. 


Over time, the flags have become organized by color in a way that gives golfers the best idea of where the hole is located on the green. Generally, a yellow or blue flag indicates that the hole is towards the back end of the green, the furthest away from the tee. A white flag indicates that the hole is in the middle of the green and a red flag signals that the pin is at the front of the green. Each of these different positions and colors allows for the golfer to plan out their clubs in a way that will allow them to achieve the fewest strokes possible. 


Although these colors are considered the most common, it is important to ask when playing a new course what the color flags they use and their appropriate markers. Some courses change the flag colors to mark an important event or if you are traveling internationally and going golfing (lucky you!) it is always worth making the ask. Don’t let yourself be confused when you step on the course only to have planned your shot entirely wrong. If you are going to hit the driving range, make sure you have the right driving range equipment to keep you in shape. 



4 Essentials to keep in your Golf Bag

Your golf bag is full of the items you know you will need. From your clubs to your gloves, everything is packed away and ready for the next time you go and hit the course. However, your bag should be storing more than just your golf equipment. Here are the top 5 things we recommend you also keep in your bag at all times. 


Sunscreen- Golf is an outdoor sport and with outdoor sports comes the sun. While hats will help protect your skin, you still need another barrier. Having a waterproof sunscreen of at least SPF 30 will allow you to protect your skin. Any exposed skin is susceptible to getting burned, don’t risk it. You can even find sunscreen sticks that are great for your face and that won’t leave sticky residue. 


Snacks- Don’t rely too heavily on the beverage cart, your wallet and stomach will thank you. Trail mix, dried fruit, or at the very least a granola bar should make it into your bag. At some point on the course, you will get hungry so having a snack ready to go will help you get through the course until either the beverage cart comes around or you make it back to the clubhouse. 


Socks- Yes we know, you have a pair on your feet already, but having an extra pair on hand is always a great option. If the morning dew soaks into your shoes or you accidentally step in mud or a puddle, a fresh pair of socks will protect your feet. 


Umbrella- The rain won’t stop just because you are on the course so you might as well be prepared. Especially in states where the rain is known to go off and on like a tap, having an umbrella on hand means you can take it out when you need it and put it away when you don’t. Plus, if the sun is bearing down, this provides another way to stay cool and protect your skin along with your sunscreen. 


Having these items in your bag has you covered for a variety of different scenarios. Looking for more golf related items to add to your collection? Find the golf course accessories you need with us. Or if you are looking for golf ball barrier netting we have that too. 



Top Golf Club Accessories

The life of a golf club is very difficult if you stop to think about it. They are mercilessly tossed around in the back of golf carts, toted around with little thought as to their well-being, then brutally used to smack balls around for a couple of hours. After a few years of this, they are thrown to the side and discarded for the newer models with better swinging power and all of the new features. With this much mistreatment of golf clubs, it only seems fitting that you at least accessorize them a bit and help them live better lives. And while you’re at it, your efforts might just make things a little bit better for you and your golf game. Read on to find out about some of the things you can buy in order to treat your golf clubs better and prolong their life spans.

If you don’t already have a proper golf club bag, you should be embarrassed. This is the main thing (besides skill and clubs) that makes or breaks a golfer. If you have all of your clubs in one organized location that is easy to access whenever you need to, you can be sure to always have the correct golf club on hand when you need it. A well organized bag can almost be handier than a caddy, since you will be familiar with it and able to quickly access the clubs yourself. You can also find bags with other pockets that come in very handy for storing the rest of your golf accessories.

Additionally, a proper cleaning kit will work wonders in prolonging the lives of your golf clubs. While you are out golfing, your clubs will get grass stains on them; they will get dirty from hitting the ground and probably get scuffed up from the occasional sand trap. If you have the proper cleaning supplies, you will be able to restore your golf clubs to the condition they were in before they got dirty. This could either be simply a rag and a cleansing solvent, or a miniature washing machine that is sold by some large golf accessory dealers.

If you aren’t feeling satisfied with the grips on your golf clubs, you can always replace them. Maybe they slipped out of your hands when you were swinging and they fell into a lake, or maybe they just made your hands sore with prolonged use. Either way, it’s possible to strip your golf clubs of their previous grips, and replace them with entirely new ones. You can find the new ones in almost any golf club store or on the internet where you can order very specific items. Better grips can improve a lot about your game, including the power of your stroke.

While golf clubs are an important purchase, items to extend the lives of your golf clubs are equally important. You have made an investment by buying your golf clubs, and you want to do the best you can to make sure that your money does not go to waste. Whether this is something to make your playing experience better or something to protect your clubs from the elements, it will certainly be worth the money.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of golf club accessories and that we have caused you to think differently about your golf game. Please feel free to check out the driving range equipment and golf course accessories on our site. We have everything the experienced or novice golfer could ever need.