Keeping Everyone Safe

As the summer heat continues many people are still maintaining a strong golf game
both indoors and outdoors. Golf ball barrier netting is an extremely important part of any
driving range of golf course as they work to keep everyone safe. Golf ball barrier netting helps
to prevent anyone from getting hurt as well as damage to any physical item such as a nearby
home or vehicle. It is important that these nets are regularly inspected for damage and properly
maintained. If they are not properly maintained the golf course or driving range runs the risk of
significant damage occurring.
Golf ball barrier netting is able to halt all golf balls right in their tracks. It is comprised of
mesh net squares that are small enough to stop all golf balls without obstructing any views.
Many business owners hesitate to purchase golf ball netting as they are concerned about the
loss of views. This netting works to create a strong and protective barrier around any and all
golf courses and driving ranges. Protective netting can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Most netting is UV treated and will not corrode. This is important in order to maintain
continuous use through harsh weather exposure.
Most netting has heat treated edges so that no frayed edges can ever occur. This allows
for the highest level of safety possible. Various heights are also available so that custom netting
can be used in a variety of locations. If you have any questions about the need for custom golf
ball netting or the right netting for your location, please do not hesitate to reach out to our
team. We look forward to helping keep your employees and customers all safe for years to


Miniature Golf for Kids

Miniature golf supplies are not just for adults! Kids can participate in this fun outdoor
activity alongside adults for a fun sport that everyone can enjoy. This is a great activity that the
entire family can enjoy together. Not only is miniature golf a family fun activity there are
actually many benefits to children participating in this activity. See below for some of the
benefits of children playing mini golf.
 Physical activity: Believe it or not playing miniature golf can burn about as many
calories as a 60 minute brisk walk – and it is a lot more fun! You can expect to burn
around 300 calories while playing.
 Social activity: Participating in miniature golf allows kids to be exposed to positive
sportsmanship and shows them how to follow rules within a game. Both of these things
are extremely important when it comes to playing future sports.
 Educational benefits: There are many educational benefits to using miniature golf
supplies. These benefits include hand-eye coordination, balancing, improving math
skills, and problem-solving skills. Kids can also learn how to focus for longer periods of
time, and exposure to decision making abilities.
 Get outside: Anytime children can get outside in the sun and fresh air it is beneficial.
Consider making miniature golf an ongoing family activity so that everyone gets more
outdoor time.
 Anyone can play: One of the greatest benefits to miniature golf is that is helps to build
confidence in learning a new skill. Anyone has the ability to play miniature golf
regardless of age, size, or even ability and this can be very empowering for children to


Weather and Golf

It is no secret that the weather outdoors can directly affect your golf game. Having the
proper driving range equipment is the best way to ensure that you are at your best while
golfing. However, there are many weather factors that you are unable to avoid. If you are used
to golfing all year long you have likely noticed these subtle changes in your golf game as it
pertains to the weather. You may have also noticed these changes if you have golfed while
traveling to different locations with various weather patterns that may be unlike where you
live. It is best to learn how the weather can impact your golf game so that you can plan for it
and accommodate your strategy accordingly. All in all it is important to remember that these
changes only account for a mild change in your game, so try not to let it get into your head.
1. Temperature: Warm air rises making it less dense than cooler air. Thinner air reduces
the drag and therefore increase the driving distance. Less dense air will cause less of a
lift. A lower trajectory reduces slices and hooks.
2. Barometric pressure: Lower barometer readings mean lighter air is present. If you have
never checked the barometric pressure before a golf game now may be the time to start
and notice how it affects the air.
3. Humidity: Drier air is denser meaning more drag, this reduces the distance that it
If you have any questions about weather and your golf game, we suggest making notes on
how you performed in relationship to the weather that day. We also recommend using the
proper driving range equipment to ensure that you perform at the greatest level possible for
your skill level.


Father’s Day Plans

This Father’s Day a fun outing for the whole family is a day of miniature golf. Kids of all
ages are able to participate and it’s a fun way to involve all generations from great grandkids to
great grandfathers. This is also a perfect opportunity to pass down generations of golf wisdom.
You will need very few miniature golf supplies in order to have a successful outing other than a
putter, and some colorful balls. Wear some comfortable shoes so that you can stand for the
duration of the afternoon. See below for a few tips and tricks to consider for your day of
miniature golf.
 Putter: When it comes to miniature golf supplies a proper putter is the most important
accessory. If you are particular about being successful at your miniature golf endeavor it
is safest if you bring your own putter. An ideal putter height is around the level of your
belt. While rentals are typically available, they may not be the most ideal height for
every member of your family.
 Lay of the land: It can be helpful to walk from the tee to the cup before taking your first
swing. This will allow you to see if there are any hidden traps, check for slopes or
additional hazards that could trip you up.
 Finesse not power: Unlike traditional golf the cup is likely not very far from the tee. You
will want to finesse the ball in by outsmarting any traps. Power is not your friend here
and you will more than likely overshoot.
 Bend the rules: Remember that miniature golf is just for fun and that you can bend the
rules for your party as necessary. If you have several young kids with you, it may be
necessary to make up your own rules as you go along so that everyone can participate.

What Length Club?

If you are looking into driving range equipment you may be considering what length
club is appropriate for your specific body type. Every person is unique and that is where custom
golf clubs come into play. If you are serious about improving your golf game, you will need to
have custom clubs designed for your specific body. Since many golfers spend hours upon hours
at a time practicing, comfort is key. You don’t want to get sore too quickly and have to go home
before you feel ready. Selecting the right golf clubs will ensure your ultimate comfort and will
improve your game in the long run.
Having a professional help you determine your sizing is important. There are too many
mistakes that can be made if you decide to size your clubs yourself. Things to consider when it
comes to sizing for your clubs is your overall body height, your wrist-to-floor length, your golf
ability, and your swing speed. The way in which to accurately obtain your wrist-to-floor length
is to measure from the crease of your write to the floor. This measurement is then cross
referenced with your overall body height. This is the most accurate way to measure for clubs
rather than just considering your overall body height because everyone has different arm
lengths that must be taken into consideration. Posture is another factor to take into account.
Two individuals with the same height could have completely different postures that would
dramatically affect the size club that they require.
Most players end up with a putter somewhere between 32” – 35.” If you have any
questions about the proper driving range equipment that you need please feel free to reach out
to our team. We hope you enjoy playing and find the right equipment that provides comfort
and joy to your golf game.

Golf Bag Checklist

If you are an avid golfer, you likely have your golf course accessories down to a science.
However, if you are just starting out you may be wondering what do you even put in your golf
bag? There are several things golfers like to keep on hand while out on the golf course. Once
you have been a few times you will tailor your golf course accessories to your specific needs
but there are several items that are safe for starting out. See below for a list of items to
consider placing in your golf bag.
1. Golf ball and tees: This probably seems fairly intuitive. You can’t play golf without your
ball and tees. Make sure that you bring plenty of spare balls and tees in case you lose a
few throughout the day which is inevitable.
2. Ball markers: A ball marker is a small, flat object that is the size of a coin that is placed
behind the golf ball to mark its position before the ball is lifted off the ground when you
hit it. This will allow you to improve your swing over time.
3. Range finder: A range finder measures the distance from you to another object. Many
golfers use this device to help you gauge where to hit the ball.
4. Golf gloves: Golf gloves are extremely common accessories and help to create more
friction between your hand the grip of your club.
5. Sunscreen: Most golfers spend hours or even all day out golfing. You want to make sure
you bring protective wear such as sunglasses and a hat but don’t forget the sunscreen as

Living on a Golf Course

Living on a golf course or any kind of a putting green has its pros and cons. Without a proper
golf ball barrier netting some serious damage can occur. However, assuming the correct golf
ball barrier netting has been put into place, living on a golf course can be quite wonderful.
Many people pay a hefty premium to live in such a location. Below are a few pros and cons of
living on a golf course.
 Location: If you are an avid golfer, it doesn’t get much better than walking down to the
putting green anytime you like. Most local residents are voluntarily members of the
local golf course or are required to by HOA.
 Privacy: Backing to a golf course provides a great deal of privacy as people are only
seldom walking/driving by and it is a private area. This also helps to reduce any noise
pollution quite a bit. A negative regarding privacy is that periodically you will share your
privacy with a passing golf cart or golfer momentarily.
 Views: Golf courses have pristine views. Living on a golf course allows you to take
advantage of these views on a daily basis. A con to the view is that you will be sharing it
with those on the golf course as well.
 Landscaping: Golf course locations are known for their immaculate maintenance. This is
absolutely wonderful in terms of maintaining the views, etc. but it does mean that you
will have to deal with regular gardening and maintenance noise.
 Amenities: There are likely many wonderful amenities that come with being a member
and/or living on the golf course. These amenities likely include a club house, events,
pool, etc. but they will probably come with the hefty membership fee.

Improving Your Golf Game

Golf course accessories are a fun way to either add obstacles or make things easier
when you are out golfing, but what if you want to improve your game? Many avid golfers get
stuck in a rut of the same old thing and just accept that they are only going to be so good. There
are many techniques you can use to improve your game and get better each time that you
practice. Below is a short list of things that you can do to improve your golf game.
1. Make sure your vision is ok: You should make sure that you are visiting your
optometrist annually to check that your vision has not changed. Ensuring your vision is
at its best will make sure that your swing is not hindered by any outside reason.
2. Get fit for your club: Over 2/3 of avid golfers are using the wrong size club. Using the
wrong size club will hinder your performance without you even realizing it.
3. Hold your pose: Holding your pose at the end of your swing will complete the swing and
make sure that the swing is in sync. This will become great muscle memory for your
technique moving forward.
4. Practice with your worst ball: Practicing with the worst ball that you have noticed lacks
in performance will condition your swing for adversity. This will allow you to perform at
your best during the best and worst of conditions.
5. Practice pitching sidearm: When you throw a ball with your sidearm it will naturally
cause your weight to shift from your back foot to your front foot through the side of
your body. This is the same muscle technique used in a proper swing. Practicing the
sidearm throw will help you condition your body for a proper swing.
If you are utilizing golf course accessories to help improve your golf game, we suggest trying
some of the above techniques as well.

Golfing In The Winter

Golfing in the snow is a great winter past time. Many people often wonder if
it is even possible, and the answer is yes! However, it is not nearly as “easy” as it is
during the warmer months – not that golf is ever considered easy. Making sure you
have the best driving range equipment can ensure you have your best shot at a
successful swing. Of course the biggest difference between snow golf and summer
golf is there is snow and ice rather than grass! In fact, they call in the “whites”
instead of the “greens.” This one change can make for an entirely new experience.
The temperatures in the winter can make it difficult to stay warm and
precisely hit the ball. You lose the most heat through your hands and head so it is
best to wear proper coverings. Consider wearing a warm hat and flexible gloves.
Your hands will be best kept warm if you add hand warmers inside your gloves so
that you can have a proper swing. Wear lightweight clothing so that you can move
your body with agility. It is harder to hit the ball just as far in the winter as it is in
the summer so you will want to prepare as best as possible. Having the best driving
range equipment possible is the only way to make sure stand the best shot at having
a successful snow golf experience.
We have a wide range of the best driving range equipment available. If you
have any questions about the right fit for your body type, size, or event we would be
happy to help advise you. We look forward to helping you have fun this winter
engaging in snow golf!

Improving Your Golf Game

Golf is a very intricate game that takes a great deal of patience and practice.
Having the proper golf driving range equipment can also help make all the
difference. There are many tips and tricks that you can use to help improve your
game but nothing replaces good old fashioned hard work. Make sure you go into a
golf routine with an open mind knowing that it is a marathon and not a race. It is the
simple, every day improvements that will make long-term differences. Below are a
few tips to improving your technique that you will want to take into consideration.
 Slow Down: A common mistake many golfers make is moving too quickly
when in fact you can increase your swing speed by taking your time. Make
sure you get set-up before you even swing. Consider observing your
surroundings, the wind speed and direction, use sunglasses when necessary,
and don’t forget to focus.
 Grip: Don’t tense up so much that you are using an incorrect grip and
pressure as this can strongly influence your swing. Too firm of a grip means
that the flow of the club will be too rigid and can cause slicing. Too loose of a
grip and you could lose your club entirely – yikes!
 Eye On The Ball: Don’t forget to keep your eye on the ball the entire time!
Many golfers get distracted by looking at the target and forget to keep their
eye on the ball through the entire swing.
 Consistency: Remember that practice makes perfect and helps to improve
muscle memory. A lot of your swing falls back on muscle memory so the
more you practice the perfect swing the more naturally it will come.
Practice regularly using the proper golf driving range equipment and you are
sure to improve your golf game in no time!