Ball Washers

RM 2000 & 3000 arte discontined, but we can get most all parts.

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Ball Washer

Washes 12,000 Balls Per Hour Polyethylene Body and powder coated frame. Shipped in 48 Ours This is model 50 G. Jr.


The ball washer is for high volume Range washing 30,000 balls per hour. Bigger than our P2 Range Ball Washer

Range Mate 3000 Ball Washer

Only carry the brush and shaft and bearings and coupler for this discontinued ball washer 44"L x 23"W x 41"h

RM-101 Deluxe Ball Washer

The best and most expensive range ball washer with presoak tank that has a pump that pumps the balls out of the water into the brush area. Can dump a 3 gang picker ball capacity into this unit and walk away.

Ultimate Ball Washer

Pre-soak thousands of balls at one time and clean them fast and effortlessly. Few moving parts make this washer dependable and easy to operate. Unlike other washers, the balls are transported into the brush tank by pumped water for jam-free , fast deliver.