Driving Range Equipment

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Pail Porter Range Equipment

Used to transport Golf Pails

Ball Washer

Washes 12,000 Balls Per Hour Polyethylene Body and powder coated frame. Shipped in 48 Ours This is model 50 G. Jr.

E/Z Picker Drum Replacement -Generic

21 Disc Drum for E/Z Picker, Range Mart, and Western Golf/ Eagle One Ball Pickers. Black discs are $ 285.00 per drum. Also have the 23 disc drums for the Derone/Thrasher Ball Picker for $ 255.00 The Wittek 22 disc drum with axles is $ 270.00 The Hollrock 21 disc drum with axle is $ 300.00 Has Lifetime Warranty against Discs breaking.

Range Crates

Stackable Crates 19" X 13" X 11" Great way to move and store balls. Holds 25 dozen Balls....

Range Equipment Ball Picker-No Wheel

3 gang no wheel ( No front wheel) not needed no maintenance. Plastic baskets. 23 discs per drum section for greater picker coverage. holds 1800 balls weight 355 lbs.

Rope for Driving Range

Rope for Driving Range-- See Picture and course. Range Rope pictured is 100' spool allows you to set up the Range...in seconds.