What Length Club?

If you are looking into driving range equipment you may be considering what length
club is appropriate for your specific body type. Every person is unique and that is where custom
golf clubs come into play. If you are serious about improving your golf game, you will need to
have custom clubs designed for your specific body. Since many golfers spend hours upon hours
at a time practicing, comfort is key. You don’t want to get sore too quickly and have to go home
before you feel ready. Selecting the right golf clubs will ensure your ultimate comfort and will
improve your game in the long run.
Having a professional help you determine your sizing is important. There are too many
mistakes that can be made if you decide to size your clubs yourself. Things to consider when it
comes to sizing for your clubs is your overall body height, your wrist-to-floor length, your golf
ability, and your swing speed. The way in which to accurately obtain your wrist-to-floor length
is to measure from the crease of your write to the floor. This measurement is then cross
referenced with your overall body height. This is the most accurate way to measure for clubs
rather than just considering your overall body height because everyone has different arm
lengths that must be taken into consideration. Posture is another factor to take into account.
Two individuals with the same height could have completely different postures that would
dramatically affect the size club that they require.
Most players end up with a putter somewhere between 32” – 35.” If you have any
questions about the proper driving range equipment that you need please feel free to reach out
to our team. We hope you enjoy playing and find the right equipment that provides comfort
and joy to your golf game.

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