Tips for Beginners

Golf is a wonderful pastime that is enjoyable for a wide range of ages. Regardless of your age if you are just starting out you may be browsing various driving range equipment products. First things first, you need to get yourself established and make sure that this is a sport that you plan to plan for a long time. Investing in new driving range equipment is quite costly so you want to make sure that this is a sport you intend to play for many years to come. See below for a few tips and tricks for beginning players.

  1.      Hit the course: Most beginning players will stick to the range in order to practice their technique. While this is a great place to start if you have never hit a ball before, you will also want to try your hand at the actual golf course. Don’t be afraid to get out there and give it a go!
  2.      New equipment: New golf equipment is a great way to make yourself feel like a pro! However, it is a costly investment for someone just starting out. Try your hand with some rentals or used equipment to start to make sure that it will be worth your investment. This is also a great way to learn what equipment you will want to purchase new and what you like.
  3.      Lessons: You will quickly learn that golf lessons are worth every penny.
  4.      Etiquette: There are many unwritten rules at the golf course. Make sure you brush up on your etiquette techniques so you do not appear rude.
  5.      Get fitted for clubs: Getting fitted for clubs will help you improve your golf game. The right size clubs are imperative for an accurate swing every time. Make sure you have the right size equipment from day one so that you do not develop poor habits.



The Best Equipment

Using the best driving range equipment can make or break your golf game. It is also one
of the main reasons that individuals will frequent your driving range. By making sure you have
the latest and greatest equipment available you are putting yourself ahead of the competition.
See below for some specific driving range equipment that you may not have considered making
readily available just yet. You are sure to want to consider these pieces moving forward.
 Golf ball washer: Simply put, golf balls play better when they are clean. Industrial size
washers are available and are sure to be jam free to allow you the capability to wash
dozens of balls at a single time. There are also individual ball washers available. Par
aides can be available throughout the driving range and are always low-maintenance.
These devices allow individuals the capability to wash a single ball at a time before
teeing off.
 Spike brush: These thick bristles allow for the proper cleaning of shoes on any surface.
Portable options are available in a variety of colors as well.
 Club washer: Whether you prefer the look of a round washer or a square washer you
want to make sure you offer the ability to keep everyone’s clubs clean. Available in a
variety of colors to meet everyone’s liking it is important to offer the capability to wash
clubs off before and after use.
If you have any questions about any type of driving range equipment we are always here to
help. We want to make sure that your facility is always stocked with the latest and greatest to
keep patrons coming back!


Golfing Safety

Whether your live nearby or simply own a local golf club it is important to ensure the
safety of those in attendance and those nearby. Golf ball barrier netting is extremely important
when it comes to helping guarantee the safety of everyone involved. The average golf ball
travels at 135 mph. Golf ball barrier netting is the only device capable of stopping these balls
from doing significant damage. Proper barrier nets are treated with UV protection in order to
offer optimal longevity. This is worth the extra step as you don’t want to be changing out
netting regularly.
The major concerns when it comes to golf safety revolve around personal injury. Local
families shouldn’t have to worry about their children playing outback or pets wandering around
in fear that they may be harmed by flying golf balls. Golf ball barrier netting eliminates all of
these concerns. Broken windows are also a major safety concern that can be easily eliminated
with barrier netting. Car damage whether in a residential location or commercial setting is
another significant liability when it comes to golf ball damage. Every facility is unique in its
location and set-up. A custom fence is always required.
Custom fencing helps to ensure everyone’s safety. There is no way to have a simple
standard fence as landscaping and local weather conditions all need to be taken into
consideration. The stress and liability of owning a golf club facility can be virtually eliminated
through the use of proper netting. If you have any specific questions about golf netting, we are
always here to help.


Get Outside

The temperatures have officially started to shift. Before it gets too cold for the
youngsters, gather your miniature golf supplies and get outside and ready to play. There are so
many benefits to playing miniature golf together as a family. Kids as young as three years old
can surprise you and reap the benefits of playing miniature golf together. See below for some
of the main reasons to consider purchasing some miniature golf supplies and getting together
as a family.
 Social Skills: Playing miniature golf builds significant social skills among young children
and children of all ages. Golf requires children to learn how to follow a specific set of
rules and how to take turns. Kids will also learn the value of good sportsmanship and
healthy competition.
 Physical Activity: Golf can actually provide a great deal of physical activity. There are
often many different sets of stairs and/or hills on a mini golf course or even a good
distance from the first hole to the last. Over the course of the day this can offer a great
deal of physical activity that doesn’t really feel like physical activity.
 Family Bond: There are few activities that can be enjoyed by every member of the
family from young to old. However, with miniature golf this is not a problem. You will be
pleasantly surprised how enjoyable miniature golf can be for everyone to participate.
If you have yet to try a miniature golf outing for your family, we highly encourage you to do
so. You will not be disappointed.

Types of Equipment

If you are visiting a driving range in the near future, it is helpful if you familiarize yourself
with the various driving range equipment available. There are several devices available that can
help you practice and improve your golf game every time you visit the driving range. As we start
to enter the upcoming winter months you will be delighted to know that you do not need to
stop to your practicing. You can continue to golf outdoors during winter despite frigid
temperatures. However, you will want to prepare yourself for a more difficult time. If you are
curious what driving range equipment can be made available to you, please see below.
Range ball management systems: These systems are quite sophisticated. A range ball
management system can pick, wash, and dispense all in one! You truly get the best
bang for your buck with this type of a system. You can even customize your system to
make sure it is offering exactly what you need. If you manage a driving range, you may
want to note that labor expenses can be reduced through the use of a range ball
management system.
 Golf ball dispenser: You can program various features of modern golf ball dispensers
including ball count and even bucket size.
 Dispenser payment systems: These payment systems are extremely convenient both
for the consumers and business owners alike. Payment can be taken in many forms
including: tokens, cash, credit cards, membership cards, pin numbers, you name it!
 Golf ball pickers: Both standard and heavy duty are available.
 Golf cart adapters & cart protector: All of your golf cart needs will be met so that you
can easily transport your belongings and yourself across the driving range.


Keeping Everyone Safe

As the summer heat continues many people are still maintaining a strong golf game
both indoors and outdoors. Golf ball barrier netting is an extremely important part of any
driving range of golf course as they work to keep everyone safe. Golf ball barrier netting helps
to prevent anyone from getting hurt as well as damage to any physical item such as a nearby
home or vehicle. It is important that these nets are regularly inspected for damage and properly
maintained. If they are not properly maintained the golf course or driving range runs the risk of
significant damage occurring.
Golf ball barrier netting is able to halt all golf balls right in their tracks. It is comprised of
mesh net squares that are small enough to stop all golf balls without obstructing any views.
Many business owners hesitate to purchase golf ball netting as they are concerned about the
loss of views. This netting works to create a strong and protective barrier around any and all
golf courses and driving ranges. Protective netting can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Most netting is UV treated and will not corrode. This is important in order to maintain
continuous use through harsh weather exposure.
Most netting has heat treated edges so that no frayed edges can ever occur. This allows
for the highest level of safety possible. Various heights are also available so that custom netting
can be used in a variety of locations. If you have any questions about the need for custom golf
ball netting or the right netting for your location, please do not hesitate to reach out to our
team. We look forward to helping keep your employees and customers all safe for years to


Miniature Golf for Kids

Miniature golf supplies are not just for adults! Kids can participate in this fun outdoor
activity alongside adults for a fun sport that everyone can enjoy. This is a great activity that the
entire family can enjoy together. Not only is miniature golf a family fun activity there are
actually many benefits to children participating in this activity. See below for some of the
benefits of children playing mini golf.
 Physical activity: Believe it or not playing miniature golf can burn about as many
calories as a 60 minute brisk walk – and it is a lot more fun! You can expect to burn
around 300 calories while playing.
 Social activity: Participating in miniature golf allows kids to be exposed to positive
sportsmanship and shows them how to follow rules within a game. Both of these things
are extremely important when it comes to playing future sports.
 Educational benefits: There are many educational benefits to using miniature golf
supplies. These benefits include hand-eye coordination, balancing, improving math
skills, and problem-solving skills. Kids can also learn how to focus for longer periods of
time, and exposure to decision making abilities.
 Get outside: Anytime children can get outside in the sun and fresh air it is beneficial.
Consider making miniature golf an ongoing family activity so that everyone gets more
outdoor time.
 Anyone can play: One of the greatest benefits to miniature golf is that is helps to build
confidence in learning a new skill. Anyone has the ability to play miniature golf
regardless of age, size, or even ability and this can be very empowering for children to


Weather and Golf

It is no secret that the weather outdoors can directly affect your golf game. Having the
proper driving range equipment is the best way to ensure that you are at your best while
golfing. However, there are many weather factors that you are unable to avoid. If you are used
to golfing all year long you have likely noticed these subtle changes in your golf game as it
pertains to the weather. You may have also noticed these changes if you have golfed while
traveling to different locations with various weather patterns that may be unlike where you
live. It is best to learn how the weather can impact your golf game so that you can plan for it
and accommodate your strategy accordingly. All in all it is important to remember that these
changes only account for a mild change in your game, so try not to let it get into your head.
1. Temperature: Warm air rises making it less dense than cooler air. Thinner air reduces
the drag and therefore increase the driving distance. Less dense air will cause less of a
lift. A lower trajectory reduces slices and hooks.
2. Barometric pressure: Lower barometer readings mean lighter air is present. If you have
never checked the barometric pressure before a golf game now may be the time to start
and notice how it affects the air.
3. Humidity: Drier air is denser meaning more drag, this reduces the distance that it
If you have any questions about weather and your golf game, we suggest making notes on
how you performed in relationship to the weather that day. We also recommend using the
proper driving range equipment to ensure that you perform at the greatest level possible for
your skill level.


Father’s Day Plans

This Father’s Day a fun outing for the whole family is a day of miniature golf. Kids of all
ages are able to participate and it’s a fun way to involve all generations from great grandkids to
great grandfathers. This is also a perfect opportunity to pass down generations of golf wisdom.
You will need very few miniature golf supplies in order to have a successful outing other than a
putter, and some colorful balls. Wear some comfortable shoes so that you can stand for the
duration of the afternoon. See below for a few tips and tricks to consider for your day of
miniature golf.
 Putter: When it comes to miniature golf supplies a proper putter is the most important
accessory. If you are particular about being successful at your miniature golf endeavor it
is safest if you bring your own putter. An ideal putter height is around the level of your
belt. While rentals are typically available, they may not be the most ideal height for
every member of your family.
 Lay of the land: It can be helpful to walk from the tee to the cup before taking your first
swing. This will allow you to see if there are any hidden traps, check for slopes or
additional hazards that could trip you up.
 Finesse not power: Unlike traditional golf the cup is likely not very far from the tee. You
will want to finesse the ball in by outsmarting any traps. Power is not your friend here
and you will more than likely overshoot.
 Bend the rules: Remember that miniature golf is just for fun and that you can bend the
rules for your party as necessary. If you have several young kids with you, it may be
necessary to make up your own rules as you go along so that everyone can participate.

What Length Club?

If you are looking into driving range equipment you may be considering what length
club is appropriate for your specific body type. Every person is unique and that is where custom
golf clubs come into play. If you are serious about improving your golf game, you will need to
have custom clubs designed for your specific body. Since many golfers spend hours upon hours
at a time practicing, comfort is key. You don’t want to get sore too quickly and have to go home
before you feel ready. Selecting the right golf clubs will ensure your ultimate comfort and will
improve your game in the long run.
Having a professional help you determine your sizing is important. There are too many
mistakes that can be made if you decide to size your clubs yourself. Things to consider when it
comes to sizing for your clubs is your overall body height, your wrist-to-floor length, your golf
ability, and your swing speed. The way in which to accurately obtain your wrist-to-floor length
is to measure from the crease of your write to the floor. This measurement is then cross
referenced with your overall body height. This is the most accurate way to measure for clubs
rather than just considering your overall body height because everyone has different arm
lengths that must be taken into consideration. Posture is another factor to take into account.
Two individuals with the same height could have completely different postures that would
dramatically affect the size club that they require.
Most players end up with a putter somewhere between 32” – 35.” If you have any
questions about the proper driving range equipment that you need please feel free to reach out
to our team. We hope you enjoy playing and find the right equipment that provides comfort
and joy to your golf game.